Extra Backpacking Info

Below you'll find fun resources and extra backpacking info by visiting fellow backpacker's sites and reading additional articles.


One Pan Wonders - Backcountry cooking at its finest. One dish meals for hiking and backpacking.

Fossil Backpacking Gear - Backpacking gear information from a different perspective. Use for successful backpacking and hiking trips. Covering tips, backpacking stoves, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, day packs, food, clothing and much more.

Family Camping Tents - We offer quality family size camping tents (incl. cabin tents with up to 4 rooms), backpacking tents, kids tents & small dog house tents.


TrailNote - Learn more about TrailNote, the free on-line outdoors safety system no one should leave home without.

Backpacking Across America: Colin's Story - One man achieves his dream of backpacking across America one step at a time.

Freagle - An article on Freagle, the organization working to unite outdoor lovers around the world.

One Pan Wonders Interview - An interview with the creator of One Pan Wonders.

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