How To Find The Backpacking
Equipment That's Right For You

Backpacking Equipment

The backpacking equipment you purchase and bring on your trip is important to pick carefully, as it can make the difference in your comfort and safety. Looking around an outdoors store can be overwhelming as there are endless options to backpacking supplies. A person can easily spend thousands of dollars on gear, but it isn't necessary. So, where does one start?

Focus on the essentials. Before anything else, you want to have the non-optional things. Things like a backpack, shelter, sleeping gear, stove/fuel, fire starter, clothing, food, GPS/compass, first aid, etc. It’s easy to get lost in the myriad of optional items you can bring on your journey.

Things like a camp chair or radio might be fun, but these items come second. Once you have the essentials picked out, then you can move on to the extras. If you’re interested in a checklist to help you decide what backpacking gear is important to you, visit our page for a printable backpacking checklist and information on using it.

Buy quality! If you're wanting to seriously pursue backpacking as a hobby, you want to know your gear will work well for you. And buying quality doesn’t have to break the bank. In all reality, poor quality backpacking equipment ends up costing you more money, which is used to replace bad gear. Furthermore, bad equipment will also cost you in frustration, discomfort, inconvenience and potentially your safety. If you’re interested in how to save a little on gear, visit our page about used backpacking gear.

Strive for simple and light. While you don’t have to pack like an ultralight backpacker, a lighter load makes a big difference in being able to enjoy the trek and cover more distance at a greater speed. Remember, it may be fun to have some extra things, but you will have to shoulder the entire load. By the way, if you are interested in ultralight backpacking, we have a page dedicated to the information you want and need to get involved.

What you buy depends on what you’re doing. If you are only planning to go on day hikes, obviously you will not need a sleeping bag or a large supply of food. Or if you are planning a five-day alpine hike, you will definitely need to address the necessity of things like shelter and warm clothing.

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