Ideas For A Good Backpacking Toothbrush

Backpacking Toothbrush

When it comes to backpacking gear, there’s always fun stuff. You can even find a neat backpacking toothbrush! So, if you’re wondering what your options are, we have a few suggestions:

  • First, toothbrushes aren’t that big or heavy to begin with. You can normally find a small and light toothbrush at the store. In order to be lighter and more compact, some people cut the handle off. Child sized toothbrushes can be great
  • Teeth wipes can be handy for backpacking trips. They’re not an actual brush, but they’ll get the job done, especially if you’re looking for something compact and light.

    Oral B Brush Ups were a neat product that slide onto your finger, but the product has been discontinued. However, you can still find them on ebay if you really, really want them.

    There’s another product called Floss & Wipe that is currently available. They are individually wrapped teeth-cleaning wipes with a length of dental floss built right in. We’ve not ever tried these and aren’t sure how much they weigh, but they look pretty cool.

  • You can find a compact tooth brush in which the head can separate from the handle and be stored inside the handle. I use one of these and like it.
  • There is also a need product that is a fingertip toothbrush. The picture up above is of one such product. They weigh just over a gram and simply fit on the end of your finger. Personally, I think they’re really cool looking.

So, there you have some neat ideas for light and compact toothbrushes! Remember though, if you’re trying to carry less weight, cut pounds in your bigger gear before you start worrying about cutting grams in something like a toothbrush. If you want some tips on packing lighter, visit our ultralight backpacking page.

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