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As a couple who enjoys backpacking, we always love to find great tips for a better backpacking experience. And what better thing to do than to share what we’ve learned with others! Here, you will find all the information you’ll need to make your backpacking trips enjoyable adventures with less stress and better memories!

We have all kinds of great tips. And as with any sort of wilderness sport, it’s important to be prepared. So, whether you’re trying to decide what type of backpack to buy, figure out how to go it ultralight or planning a European adventure, we’ve got you covered!

Novice and expert alike can find something helpful on this site. So, have a look around and enjoy learning more about this great outdoor sport!

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Backpacking Basics - The Information You Need
Helpful information on backpacking basics ranging from packing a backpack to backpacking with your dog.
Backpacking Clothes - How to Pick the Right Clothes for Your Trip
All you need to know about how to build a great backpacking clothes wardrobe to keep your comfortable and safe!
Backpacking Cookware - Information on the Equipment to Prepare Your Food
Information on backpacking cookware to help you know what you need to prepare your food.
Backpacking Equipment - Finding the Gear That's Right For You
Helpful information on buying quality backpacking equipment. Articles on backpacking saws, backpacking tents, backpacking sleeping bags, backpacking backpacks, backpacking pillows and more!
Backpacking Food - Eating Well On Your Trip
Great ideas for planning the backpacking food for your trip. Information on backpacking recipes, organic backpacking food, planning a backpacking menu and more!
Backpacking Stoves - Helpful Hints on Purchasing the Right Stove For You
Helpful information on backpacking stoves and things to consider when purchasing one. Tips on options available in cost, set-up, fuel, weight, size and additional tips.
Backpacking Tents - Great Shelter for Your Trip
Information on backpacking tents and help on what to look for when buying one.
Ultralight Backpacking - A Fun Challenge With Benefits
A guide to ultralight backpacking. Find helpful articles on ultralight tents, ultralight backpacks and more!
Backpacking Water Treatment – What You Need to Know
Helpful information on what you need to know about the backpacking water treatment methods available and why they're important.
Extra Backpacking Info - If You Want to Learn Even More
Find extra backpacking info from additional articles and links to fellow backpacker's site for additional information.
Easy Backpacking Tips Blog
The Easy Backpacking Tips Blog keeps you up-to-date with our latest updates and changes to the website, as well as interesting articles and equipment reviews.
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