Find The Best Backpacking Saw For You

Backpacking Saw

When you’re out in the back country, you never know when you might need a backpacking saw (also referred to as a camp saw). And with the different options available, many of them fairly lightweight and inexpensive, it’s worth owning one.

A saw for backpacking can come in many different forms. Ultimately, you want to pick out a saw that:

  • is lightweight (you can easily find something under two pounds)
  • can be made compact
  • has a sheath or breaks down to hide the blade when not in use to prevent injury

The Types

Generally, there are three different options for the type of camping saw you purchase. There is the bow saw, a folding saw and the survival saw.

A bow saw is made up of a blade that is held at both ends by a bowed handle. These saws are generally very sturdy, easy to use and very effective. The ones specifically designed for camping and backpacking generally break down and become very compact. The con to these saws is that they usually weigh at least a pound. Depending on your backpacking preferences, this might be too heavy.

A folding saw is another option. This saw folds down into its handle. These saws are not made for cutting larger objects, but they get the job done for your backpacking needs. These are the most commonly found saws for backpacking (and our favorite). What’s great about the folding saw is that you can find a great quality saw for less than half a pound!

Finally, the survival saw is your third option. These saws consist of a specially made wire or chainsaw like blade that you can convert into a bow saw or use simply by holding the ends with your hands. Survival saws can be extremely light and very compact. However, some people find them awkward to use.

There are a few different variations to these three general backpacking saw types, so look around and test a few out to see what you like.

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