Man Backpacking Across America
Visits Oklahoma

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Colin Morrison 1

We all have that huge dream we want to accomplish someday. For many people someday is a day that never shows up on their calendar. But for 28-year-old Colin Morrison, someday came around this year. His dream? Backpacking across America.

By chance, Colin’s path crossed with ours as he was making his way through Oklahoma. It was a pleasure to meet him and learn about his exciting adventure.

Inspired after a road trip, Colin says, “I wanted to see more, take it slower, meet more people.” For the past two years he has been working hard to save up for the expedition, wanting to make the trip happen as soon as possible. As Colin wrote on his blog, “I kind of figure this is my last chance to do this gracefully…Still being in my twenties, people might chalk it up to me being out there finding myself or something. I figure, the moment that I turn thirty, I immediately become a shiftless hobo not fulfilling his role in society.”

So, Colin caught a bus from his home in Ohio destined for Portland, Maine. This is where he would start his long walk. And on May 5th, 2009, Colin began the journey of making his dream come true.

Having walked nearly 2,000 miles, Colin is over half way through his trip. He estimates he walks 25-30 miles a day. Colin has received lots of offers for a ride and always politely turns them down, explaining, “I don’t want to cheat.” At the end of the day, he typically finds a tree or an abandoned building for his shelter.

Colin says the best part about this trip has been the people he has met along the way. “Every time I’ve been hungry or thirsty, someone’s offered me something to eat or drink.” One kind woman, who saw him walking, ran out of her house with a container of homemade meatloaf to offer him. With over a thousand miles left to go, Colin estimates he will reach his final destination of San Diego, California by the end of the year. As for his plans after he has completed his long walk, Colin says he hopes to write a book about his experience.

Colin Morrison 2

And for anyone who wants to take on a trek of their own, Colin advises, “You need to be at peace with yourself before you can spend so much time alone with yourself. And abandon all ideas of having a schedule.”

To keep up with Colin while he is backpacking across America, you can visit his blog.

There you will find frequent updates, photos and a map tracking his route.

11/02/09 UPDATE: We're happy to report Colin has made great progress since we first posted about his story. Since leaving us here in Oklahoma, Colin has made it through Oklahoma and Texas and recently crossed over into New Mexico. He estimates this brings his total number of miles to 2,500, leaving approximately 1,000 miles left to go!

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