Finding The Perfect Ultralight
Sleeping Bag For You!

An ultralight sleeping bag is an important part of backpacking ultralight. As one of the “Big 3” (backpack, shelter, sleeping bag), your sleeping bag will be one of your most heavy items.

For ultralight purposes, you are going to want to watch for a bag that weighs three pounds or less. This won’t be too hard as there are many bags to choose from; however, it’s hard to find a good ultralight bag for under $100. So, just be aware of that fact.

As with buying any sleeping bag, you’ll need to consider the comfort rating and fill.

Comfort Rating

When it comes to ultralight bags, it’s important to realize that the colder the temperature the bag is meant to perform at, the heavier it is going to get. However, don’t try to sacrifice your safety through buying a lighter bag that won’t keep your warm. You can find more in depth information on comfort rating on our backpacking sleeping bag page.

We highly recommend you visit that page for great information on sleeping bags in general.


When it comes to what your sleeping bag is filled with, you have the options of down or synthetic. Again, our main sleeping bag page covers these options more thoroughly. In summary, down is going to be a lot lighter and warmer than synthetic fill. It also compresses down smaller than synthetic. Furthermore, if taken care of properly, a down sleeping bag will outlive any synthetic bag.

On the flip side, down comes with a more expensive price tag and doesn’t do well with getting wet. But if you need warm and light, you cannot beat a down sleeping bag. It’s definitely worth the extra money.

If you just can’t put out the money for down, don’t worry. There are still lots of great synthetic ultralight sleeping bag options for you.

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