The Healthy Option of
Organic Backpacking Food

There are several organic backpacking food options for those interested in eating quality food while on their trip. You might have to get a little creative, but the options are definitely out there.

What is organic? Before we continue, let’s address that question. In basic terms, organic foods are produced according to certain standards, which require them to be grown without the use of conventional pesticides or artificial fertilizers and were processed without additives.

It’s usually easy to spot organic food, as it is typically plainly marked with the term “organic” or “certified organic”. One thing to keep in mind is that just because something says it is all natural, doesn’t mean it is organic.

If you want to buy pre-packaged meals, you are a little bit more limited in your choices. Mary Janes Farms and Backpacker’s Pantry offer organic prepackaged backpacking food. You can find their products on Amazon and the prices are pretty comparable to other freeze dried food.

If you’re looking for snacks or other meals, your options are pretty unlimited. Grocery stores, on-line stores and health food stores offer endless amounts of organic dried fruit, nuts, granola bars, power bars, etc. Look around where you typically shop and you’ll find lots of items to suit your needs.

Another option for organic meals is to make your own. This requires a little creativity, but if you are already used to shopping for organic food, chances are you be able to locate what you need. Take a look at our backpacking recipes page

for some inspiration for your own do-it-yourself organic food.

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