Backpacking Underwear???

You might laugh at the idea of backpacking underwear, but it’s not a laughing matter. We’re serious. Stop laughing.

Okay, okay, all joking aside, let’s talk a bit about this very important base layer. Your underwear serves a couple purposes. It can serve as a layer for added warmth if you buy long underwear and it can help keep moisture to a minimum if you have the right kind.

You heard me correctly – there is a right kind of underwear. As we mentioned in our backpacking clothes page,

cotton is a big no-no. And most everyday underwear is made of the forbidden fabric.

Again, the main problem with cotton is that it retains moisture. Retained moisture, especially on the nether regions, can be uncomfortable and cause chaffing and irritation.

Believe me, it’s no fun to be walking mile upon endless mile with a sore bum. Therefore, you want your underwear to be made of a synthetic material, which can be commonly found for athletics or outdoor recreation.

And ladies, when it comes to bras, wear what’s comfortable. We recommend sports bras because they can be made to wick moisture away from the body and they don’t have a clasp that might pinch with the weight of a backpack on it.

Finally, if you’re wondering how much underwear to bring backpacking, this depends on how long your trip is and your preferences. Personally, we prefer to pack less underwear and wash along the way. One of the benefits to buying special underwear is that it dries really fast.

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