Backpacking for Beginners: The #1 Thing You Need Before You Get Started

Backpacking For Beginners
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So, you’re researching backpacking for beginners and want to get started. But before you start drooling over that beautiful backpack or those awesome hiking boots, you must first get the most important thing to backpacking. What is this most important thing?

Knowledge. And it’s important to get lots of it.

I know it sounds cliché, but it’s the truth. Backpacking is a great activity and we highly recommend it. But if you want to have the most enjoyable time and be safe, you must first educate yourself.

Lucky for you, you found our site. Here, we have tons of backpacking information to get started in this sport. And since we’re so nice, we’ll point you in the direction of a couple pages that are the most helpful for beginner backpackers:

Backpacking Basics – Find helpful articles covering a variety of topics, including packing a backpack to a printable backpacking checklist.

Backpacking Essentials

– A list of ten backpacking essentials you should bring with you on every trip.

So, take a look around. Use our handy navigation bar on the left side of your screen to learn about more specific topics or use the search tool bar above perform a search about what you’re interested in learning about.

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