What are the advantages of lightweight backpacking?

The advantages of lightweight backpacking are numerous. And if you’re still on the fence about whether or not you want to try it, perhaps the information below might be helpful to your decision.

Lightweight backpacking is good for your body. Carrying a traditional pack that can easily weigh 40 pounds or more can start to wear on your joints and back very quickly. For some people, that’s no big deal. But for others, it can be physically painful or impossible to shoulder that load.

There are many people that end up retiring from the sport or avoid taking it up simply because their body can’t handle that much weight. Lightweight backpacking opens the door for many people to continue or take up the sport that wouldn’t otherwise. And for those who don’t have issues already, it helps prevent injury from the strain of carrying too much. And on that same note...

Lightweight backpacking can be safer. It’s easier to lose your balance with a heavier pack than it is with a light one. While falling won’t necessarily kill you, I feel it’s best to avoid it.

Lightweight backpacking can make the trip much more enjoyable. It can be hard to truly enjoy your backpacking trip when you’re tired and sore from hefting around a large pack. In fact, it can become downright miserable.

Lightweight backpacking gives you more freedom. Many lightweight backpackers express that they feel more free by having a lightweight pack. Not only are they free from extra weight, but they are free to cover more ground and explore places they otherwise wouldn’t or couldn’t with a traditional pack. You can easily double the distance you can travel in a day!

Getting into lightweight backpacking takes practice and discipline. But as you can see from the advantages, it can be well worth it.

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